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PADI Specialty courses cover all manner of diving activities and are a perfect way to gain specialty dive training in the specific area you’re interested in! Some specialty courses are classroom only, designed to expand your diving knowledge, while others combine classroom, pool, and open water dive portions, to expand your knowledge base as well as experience level. Specialty courses are a great way to continue diving and are required for the Master Scuba Diver Certification. Call or email us to register for this course.


​Most Specialty Courses are scheduled individually between the instructor and Specialty Student. Call or email us for scheduling details


Prices vary by Specialty Course. Ranges include:

  • Classroom only: $80-190

  • Two Dive Specialty:  $175.00+

  • Three Dive Specialty: $225+

  • Four Dive Specialty $275+



Classroom sessions are fully remote!

Pool sessions are held at the Tigard or Scapoose Swim Centers.  

Open Water Dives are typically held along the Hood Canal.


All equipment is supplied for the pool sessions.

Students are responsible for costs associated with the open water weekend including, but not limited to: gas, food, accommodation, and air fills ($8-$10 each).  


Students are also responsible for renting, or providing, their own equipment for the open water weekend. Students must purchase/ supply their own dive lights (including a primary, back-up, and tank marker light), as well as a dive slate.

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