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Our Divemasters go through a significant training course to gain experience working with classes, as well as to improve their skills, and expand their level of knowledge on diving standards and theory. They are an integral part of our training at all levels, and our classes would not run as smoothly, or be as safe, without their support and knowledge. 


The divemasters that work with our shop are just as important in your training as your Instructor is, and get to do all the 'fun' stuff with the students, such as tours and demonstrations. We are incredibly grateful for their time, knowledge and support, and our classes would not run nearly as seamlessly as they do without them.


Hire one of our PADI Professional Divemasters and discover more beautiful dive sites in the PNW! We’ll cover the logistics, including where to dive, emergency equipment, save-a-dive equipment, and will guide you through dive sites unique to our region.

Call or email us to hire a Divemaster.



Under Water Works was opened in 1975, by Jerry and Hilde Rood. They first began by teaching classes at Tigard High School, and opened the retail shop shortly afterwards. Hilde owned Under Water Works for forty years, and sold it in 2015 to Master Diver Gretchen Slack.  

At Under Water Works, we are are passionate about making your diving experience as good as it can be! We love scuba diving and are excited to share it with you. Whether you're interested in learning to dive, continuing your diving education, purchasing equipment, or getting information about dive travel, we would love to share any information we have with you!

We believe in an honest and straight forward approach to diving. Our PADI Instructors will teach you the information you need to be a safe and independent diver.  If you're looking to purchase equipment, we will strive to find what will work best for you and the type of diving you love.  


Come in, and meet our staff, and check out our shop! 

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