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PADI #178672

I took my first scuba course at the University of Oregon for my PE credit after failing miserably in aerobics class…that’s when I learned my coordination and navigation just clicks underwater (PS…don’t ask me to walk and chew gum topside)!


After a few years of recreational diving both locally and abroad, I was encouraged by one of my best friends and amazing scuba professional to go pro (thank you Melanie!). Coming from a long line of teachers, I made the natural leap of going pro in 2001.  From there, my professional training and certifications continued to progress organically to 2009 when I was honored to apply and be chosen to train as a PADI Course Director (aka an instructor trainer). On average there are about 1,500 active Course Directors world-wide, with roughly only 20% female Course Directors, which drives me to encourage divers of all diversities to achieve their diving goals – whatever they may be recreationally or professionally.


I truly enjoy the excitement of submerging every time, never knowing what experiences and encounters the dive will bring (I’m excited just writing this bio, so many amazing dive memories popping into my head)! With billions of people on this planet, we divers are among a lucky small percentage who have the opportunity to discover our planet in this way. To me, diving allows us the ability to explore some of perhaps the last places on the planet where we may actually be the first people to be in that exact place to experience wondrous and unique moments.


Come see us to experience your next best adventure!

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