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TRAINER #261845

I started diving in 2003, taking my Basic Open Water Diver training here at Under Water Works. While not initially sold on the idea of Scuba Diving, by the time I took my first breath underwater, I was hooked, and have had some amazing experiences underwater since! By far the majority of my diving has been in the Pacific Northwest, and even after visiting several warm water locations, it is still my favourite place to dive! The life in the Pacific Northwest is amazingly beautiful and abundant, and I continue to have new and unique experiences, even at dive sites I've visited hundreds of times.

I 'grew up' at this shop, taking most of my classes from the other Instructors here, and working here, first part time, then full time, now owning and managing the shop. I am incredibly lucky to be surrounded by a strong and passionate staff of Instructors and Divemasters, and have met some of my closest friends through this shop. I became a Divemaster in 2009, and then continued on to get my Instructor rating in 2011. I hope that you decide to start or continue your diving education with us! All of the staff here are passionate about Pacific Northwest diving, and we're excited to introduce you to it!

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