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Gretchen Slack

I started diving in 2003, taking my Basic Open Water Diver training here at Under Water Works.  While not initially sold on the idea of Scuba Diving, by the time I took my first breath underwater...




From an early age I have enjoyed being in, on, and around water. As a result, I have participated in many water related activities: competitive swimming, water polo, lifeguard, Water Safety...

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Justin Morrow

I started diving while I was in the Navy stationed in Kings Bay, GA. I wanted to be a Navy diver originally, but it there were no slots  available on my submarine...

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As a child I learned of Scuba Diving by watching Sea Hunt and Jacques Cousteau TV programs.  I decided as a boy I wanted to become a professional diver and explore the underwater...

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Jennifer Bantelman

I started diving in 2007, and I haven't looked back since. Each dive has been more fun than the last, and I love diving in all conditions, but my favorites are strong currents, drift dives, big sharks...




     I started diving in 2014, with the PADI Discover Scuba Diving.  After my first breaths under the water and seeing this amazing portion of our planet that not many people get to experience...




My philosophy for teaching classes is that student safety is number one.  However that doesn't mean not having fun.  In fact, when people are having fun they are more comfortable...

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Noah is most passionate about far-flung dive travel and is a member of the Aggressor Liveaboards’ Seven Seas Explorer Club which he earned from diving in all seven seas...


Divemasters & AI's

Our Divemasters go through a significant training course to gain...