Refund, Transfer, and Missed Class Information

     Hello, and welcome to your certification course at Under Water Works! We are so thankful you have decided to learn how to dive/ continue your diving education with us! We promise you that we will instruct you with all the passion we have for diving, and to the highest level of safety we can provide for you!

There are a couple things that will help everything go as smoothly as possible, so before you get any farther, please read through the following, and let us know if you have any questions!

  • Please email with any scheduling conflicts that will result in you missing a class session.  Even if you have chatted with someone at the shop, please email with the details of the class you’ve signed up for, as well as what date you’ll be missing!

  • There is a $75 makeup fee per course missed, if it can be rescheduled on an existing pool session. If we need to rent the pool specifically for your makeup session, there will be an additional pool rental expense.  Our ability to make you up for missed sessions depends on instructor availability, and we cannot guarantee that any missed classes will be able to be made up.  The sooner you let us know about a missed class, the better!

  • If you need to postpone a class, there will be a $50 class transfer fee if you transfer within two weeks of the course start date.  If you transfer after the course has begun there will be a $150 transfer fee.

    • Course fees are valid for one year and are non-refundable. 

  • At the point that students pick up rental equipment for a course's open water weekend, no refunds will be granted regardless of the course outcomes or student performance.  

  • If you’re taking a class that results you getting into the pool, we must have a medical release filled out before you get in the pool.  If you have any “yes” answers on your medical release, we need a release from a physician before you can get in the pool.  If you need a medical release, and don’t have one for your first night of class, you will need to schedule a makeup session, and pay the associated fees.

  • The balance for your class is due by the first night of class. 

  • Students completing dives on a weekend other than the one assigned to their initial open water course will pay a $100 open water transfer fee, with availability to transfer dependent on the desired weekends availability.  Students must commit to attending (or not attending) the open water dives one week prior to the open water weekend.  If a student cancels an open water weekend within one week, they forfeit the open water fees they have paid, and will have additional costs for attending another open water weekend.

  • There must be four students enrolled in a regularly scheduled class (private lessons and specialty courses are exempt) for the class to proceed.  There must be at least four students attending the open water weekend for the instructor to hold that weekend.  If courses do not meet the four person minimum, students will be moved into the next course available, or a full refund will be given provided materials are in new, unused condition.


Again, thank you for choosing Under Water Works, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions/ concerns/ awesome stories about dives you’ve been on!  We’ll see you soon!


-Under Water Works Staff