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PADI #336113

I started diving in 2007, and I haven't looked back since. Each dive has been more fun than the last, and I love diving in all conditions, but my favorites are strong currents, drift dives, big sharks, and kelp forests. 

Warm water and cold water diving are very different, but both have distinctive conditions and biodiversity. I love teaching in cold water, because it shows students the range of diving and variety of conditions one can experience, and truly, makes you a better diver. 

I became a dive professional in 2013, which is also when I began working with Under Water Works. I finished my instructor certification in Utila, Honduras, in March of 2015. I love teaching all students, and watching them take their first breath underwater, but have a special passion for working with people who have anxiety and for conducting private classes.


Let's go diving!

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